From the Miscellaneous Ramblings of Ms. Sophia R. Federighi

which is me

20 September
Seattle, Washington, United States
Interests: (64)
accents, acting, actors, basketball, books, boyfriends, boys, broadway, cars, chatting, christmas, clothes, clubbing, cuddling, cute guys, dancing, dating, drama, eating, editing, fellows, filming, food, friends, guys, hats, hot guys, hot men, hugs, jazz, jewelry, kissing, lads, laughing, love, magazines, makeup, males, men, money, movies, music, musicals, phones, photography, piano, pictures, plays, reading, romance, shoes, shopping, singing, singing guys, softball, talking, tapdancing, telephones, theater, traveling, tv productions, vocal jazz, volleyball, writing
Hey everyone, it's Sophia, I'm 18 years old, yay for voting and cigarettes and porn and sex shops! I live in Seattle, yes, that's right, the rainy city...too bad I don't really like the weather here but thats not important. I am outgoing and friendly and I spend my time hanging out in the Black Box or the editing room, both at Ballard HS. (So if you want to find me, that's where I suggest you look. Don't bother trying my house, I doubt I'll be there.) I love my friends and my family A LOT and would probably die without them; in fact i probably WILL die without them when I go off to college, wherever that may be. I would list all my interests here but that's what the INTERESTS section is for. Sooooooo the end!